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Lollipop random appearance on TV shows

April 29, 2009 6 comments

Two videos of two different shows have a member of Lollipop appearing. One was pretty old and the other one happened recently.

Circus Paparazzi 2009-04-25
This part Andy ge phoned Ao Quan as Circus kept asking whether it’s Andy ge who did the flip or not (the MFBBT III promo video). So Andy ge try to proves he did that by phoning Ao Quan. It’s such a cute conversation between, Ao Quan said Andy ge learned that for 3 months, Andy ge was saying Ao Quan forced him to do it. Then Circus asked Ao Quan who suggested this idea? Without thinking Ao Quan replied “Andy ge”, Andy ge was betrayed.

WAHSH 2009-04-28
This episode the meimeis would crossdress as male artist and try to imitate that artist. How I wish they could do this for MFBBT, I would love to see the boys crossdress as girls. So Xiao Jie (Hey Girl) imitated Wang Zi, the reason she picked Wang Zi because she thinks he’s the hottest out of Lollipop and has the most charming eyes.

xiaojie + wangzi

Xiao Jie (Hey Girl) looks really WEIRD! Why does her skin colour looks so dark compare to Wang Zi? Hei Ren was saying how Wang Zi would look pretty as a girl and Xiao Xun replied “He IS a girl” LOL!

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FANS April’s Issue Cover + WAHSH Call Out to Xiao Jie

April 5, 2009 6 comments

FANS April Issue 2009

April’s issue of FANS’ covers featuring Xiao Jie, Ao Quan, Li Quan, Wei Yu, Ah Jie and Hu Ya. The 6 of them are really cute ♥ Ah Jie for the first time being on a magazine cover and probably the first time taking magazine photo shoots. This issue they will give out idol birthday cards of Wang Zi as it’s the month of Wang Zi’s birthday.

2009-04-04 episode of WAHSH, I didn’t watch the whole episode but I assume they were playing some games where they have to make the person say the keyword. Anyways Mei Mei called Xiao Jie and the keyword is “temperament”. So Mei Mei was giving hints to Xiao Jie by asking him questions like “something that Xiao Xun has and I don’t” “Apple has a classical beauty face which I don’t have” and etc. At the end Xiao Jie have said the keyword and also figure out they were in the middle of recording. So what he said which made Apple and Xiao Xun angry was heard, Hei Ren took revenge for the meimeis by hanging the phone when Xiao Jie was replying his question.

[X] [X] Ah Jie uploaded two photos where he took a photo with Wang Zi and Ao Quan. As you can tell from the clothing these photos were taken during the recording of the high KTV challenge episode.