The Team

Here’s a little introduction to the new crew members!

♥ Stephy

Hey there, I’m Stephanie, but you can just call me Steph or Stephy. I’m currently my last year of high school but I manage to work it out between surfing the net and homework. When I’m bored, I either play online video games (if I can), read or write fanfiction, and I read a lot of books. I’m Chinese born Canadian and am multilingual (French, beginner Spanish, Latin, Cantonese, Mandarin, and some Japanese); also one-eighth Japanese.
I am very friendly and sometimes outgoing and enjoy adventure. I cruise around various forum threads on so I might bump into you there (in GuiGui, GuiWang, GuiLun thread too). I’ve done lots of translations regarding the above celebrities (articles, FB statuses, magazine scans and sometimes subbing videos). I’m an avid fan of Lollipop, my favourite members being XiaoYu, XiaoJie and WangZi.


A Chinese-born Canadian, rose is a name that I randomly picked out of a book after residing in Canada. Lollipop is my first love, and currently my only Mandarin-speaking fandom. My favourite member is WangZi, and I have been a fan since their Brown Sugar Macchiato period.


Hello! hahaha i am Dreamerlorry from Singapore (: and i love love love lollipop (: all 6 of them. yayness! lollipop ftw!


My online persona is Diapers, but my real name is Sheryl and I’m from Singapore. Currently 16 going on 17, and other than school I spend my time online and outdoors, hanging out with friends and doing random things. I started liking Lollipop when I watched MFBBT on Channel [V]. I love them as a whole – they have this chemistry that other bands lack and they each have their own attractive personalities. But if I were to choose 1 member I like the most it’d be XiaoYu. He may not be as expressive as the others but he can be funny if he wants to, and I love his voice and the way he carries himself.


I’m ALLY, currently studying Commerce at Sauder School of Business, UBC. I’m 19, and love LollipopF & GuiGuiWuYingJie & DansonTang & AaronYan. I’m from Singapore, but currently studying in Vancouver, Canada. I’m also updating about GuiGui if you’re interested in finding out more about her! 😀

♥ Uchisama

Uchi here :D. I’m from the US and am a student, currently studying psychology and pre-medicine. I’ve been into Lollipop since around NaLiPa era.. and I’m still a strong supporter for all 6 members! (Though just as a heads up, my favorite member is XiaoYu, despite his arrogance/coldness at times). In addition to Lollipop, I’m also a fan of other CPop artists as well as a select few JPop and KPop artists/bands :P. I’m here primarily to update you guys on JPM news, by the way!

♥ Choco-late

Hi I’m Choco-late the one who created this blog. I’m from Australia, Sydney and the first time I ever encounter Lollipop was when I was browsing through a Chinese music site and I saw Lollipop’s “QiCaiBangBangTang” EP. At first I just thought “Not another boyband from Taiwan”, so I wasn’t that interested in their music but when I saw their MV I thought “Wow they can dance pretty well”. I started liking AoQuan because he’s good at dancing and his looks afterward I don’t know how I became a major WangZi fan. So anyways, this blog started off just to express my own fandom I didn’t expect so many people to visit and comment that’s when I started working more on it.
  1. natalie
    August 22, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    HI!! i’m natalie from singapore, and jus wanna say hi to ALL lollipop fans. dis website for BangBangTang is jus awesome, and i would usually check dis site for latest updates of the members. i’m oso a HUGE wangzi fan!! :DDDDDD

    oso, great job to those updating dis site.

  2. Lay
    July 7, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    你也是Lollipop F的粉絲喔:D
    I’m Lollipop F’s fan ,too^^

  3. 爱煜布丁
    January 26, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    Hi~ Can anyone from this team reply me to my email?? Because I have some questions to ask actually..

    • dreamerlorry
      January 31, 2012 at 9:04 am

      Hi what questions would you like to ask? I’ll try to help as much as possible

  4. 爱煜布丁
    February 1, 2012 at 8:33 am

    Okok, thanks! I heard about yes933 giving out some passes to special fans for some privileges. What are those privileges and how to get it? And any idea about their flights?

  5. Rosanna Cruz Averilla
    July 7, 2012 at 11:11 pm

    hello to all lollipop / bamg bang tang’s FANS :DD !!
    My name is Rosanna Cruz Averilla , im from the philippines !!
    im currently studying at Rizal high school as a 3rd year high school student :DD !!
    i want to have more friends which is also a fan of bang bang tang or lollipop or even a
    fan of hei sui hui mei mei ( blackie ) !! nice meeting you all guys !!

    you can add me as friend in facebook
    here :DD ::
    and here :

    thank you !!

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