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L-O-V-E – Bangs No.6

May 3, 2009 21 comments


Finally the full movie is out! I have cut and uploaded “Bangs No.6” here, it includes English and Chinese subtitles. Honestly I wasn’t expecting a lot from this movie since Wang Zi appeared 1 minute only and it’s all the way at the end too but he looked really hot!

Edit// Some people seem to can’t load megavideo so here’s the alternate links for the movie. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3, thanks to Boysil_Ts @ Tudou for uploading the whole movie up. If you just want to watch “Bangs No.6” just watch part 3 and I’ll try to find Youtube links for this movie.

Edit2// As it was requested here’s the download link for “Bangs No.6” part. It’s in rmvb format, I was going to convert it into avi but when it was converted the audio does not sync with the video.

I didn’t have the time to watch the whole movie so I just skipped the other stories and straight to the point of the last story which is “The 6th Bang” starring Mo Fan Qi Bang and Wang Zi. It was a pretty random story but since it’s only around 20mins long it was acceptable. The start was pretty boring until Tracy Zhou start going out to find her Mr. Right, that’s when Mo Fan Qi Bang starts appearing. Wei Yu’s part was funny, he looks really funny in those pants. Somehow I find Tracy’s character annoying because of her actions and the way how she talks, her character reminds me of Xiao Hua in “Miss No Good”.

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