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Lollipop F in Japanese Magazine: Taiwan Entertainment Paradise

June 8, 2011 4 comments

credits to william international fc

They translated part of the magazine. It’s not the full interview I think. The boys look gorgeous in the pictures!

Question: Have you all felt that the members have matured?

Weilian: AhWei has become more responsible, but he doesn’t smile as much now. Previously, we just wanted to be happy when working, but now we are more serious with our work and would gain satisfaction from our work. Naturally, we won’t smile as much.

AoQuan: But AhWei’s personality hasn’t changed much, it’s just the working attitude that has changed. This is because he has matured!

XiaoYu: AhWei has also become more confident. In the past, he would not really take pictures of himself, but now he loves doing it. (laughs) Just joking. I feel that he has more confidence when he sings now.

AhWei: I learnt to be more confident from William. (laughs) In the past, I was too bubbly, like a kid. Now that I’m past 25, I should start to be more serious. I’ll look more like an adult that way!

AoQuan: XiaoYu used to be a little nonchalant about the other members, but now he would tend to look out for other people. Usually when we are playing with our phones and the staff want to speak, XiaoYu would say “don’t play with your phones already, listen to what they have to say!” I really think XiaoYu grew up.

AhWei: I think XiaoYu is smiling more these days, but he’s still so cool in private. This hasn’t changed much.

WeiLian: In our album, we had included XiaoYu’s favourite rock style. He was exceptionally trustworthy during that period of time when we were preparing for our album, and he managed to showcase his abilities in music.

AoQuan: WeiLian had put in a lot of effort in singing and dancing, and he improved a lot!

AhWei: Not only did he keep practicing, he also started paying attention to details!

WeiLian: That is because singing and dancing are the most important, and I have huge potential! (laughs)

XiaoYu: You should save on your improvement in self-confidence and put it at other places.

WeiLian: In the past, my confidence was the crazy type, but now it comes from the satisfaction from performing on stage and the hard work I’ve put in.

Question: Today you are wearing casual clothes. Are they your own clothes?

AhWei: To bring out our daily lives, we are wearing our own clothes today. And for the Japanese fans, I have specially chosen one that reveals my chest (laughs)

XiaoYu: Today I’m a rocker. It’s my favourite Guns N’Roses T-shirt. I prefer simplicity. (points at AhWei’s accessories) Like this kind of weird clothings, I won’t wear it! (Everyone laughs)

AoQuan: Because this time it’s a Japanese interview, all my clothes are bought from Japan! Nihon (Japan in Japanese), Jiayou!

WeiLian: My clothes recently are all black or grey. However because it’s already Summer now, I thought I should wear something brighter, but I ended up having similar clothings to AoQuan.

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Yes! Magazine 8/6

August 7, 2010 3 comments

Credit Lollipop Baidu

XiaoJie with A Legend Star artists on Yes! Magazine. XiaoJie looking really good here.

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COLOR May 2010 Issue scans

May 8, 2010 4 comments

You can see the 6 of them in this issue of COLOR just that they are separated. It’s like one is portraying the fun nerdy side and one is portraying the cool side.

Credit Lollipop Baidu

I like XiaoJie’s hair like this more than the one we saw at Love Mama event. They look really cute especially with the glasses.

Credit Lollipop Baidu

I like everyone except for AWei’s hairstyle, I think I have already mention before in another magazine. In these photos don’t you think they can pull off the image of  a rock band?

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COLOR 2010 April Issue

April 7, 2010 9 comments

Credit 2aaiirl @ Lollipop Baidu

Yup! It’s the Korean band FT Island on the cover, although the 4 Lollipop is on the bottom corner it’s good to include the cover too so it’s easier to find if you want to purchase this issue.

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PLAY Magazine 2010 March

March 21, 2010 Leave a comment


I’m just guessing this is the March issue so correct me if I’m wrong. This issue features WangZi, XiaoJie and MaoDi. We get to see more of their brotherly love and Lolly. But seriously why WangZi always wearing so much layers? I understand that he’s skinny but I rather see his slim figure than wrapped up in layers of clothing. I guess he would have looked better if he had that purple scarf off.

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Magazine scans

March 8, 2010 2 comments

♦ YES Magazine Vol.989

Credit Lollipop Baidu

It seem like I’ve seen these photos before but it seem like I haven’t posted them here. Anyways, another magazine photo shoot of Lollipop and their princess Lolly. Someday I think Lolly will become an idol dog, she’s been appearing to public too much.

♦ FANS CLUB Vol.310

Credit Lollipop Baidu

A Bit old, it’s an issue from last year. Taken the time when Lollipop went to China to promote their “I am Legend” album so WangZi was missing in these photos.

♦ PLAY February Issue

Credit Lollipop Baidu

A flashback article of Lollipop’s concert at Hong Kong. Gold Typhoon should seriously release a DVD of their concert.

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Color 2010 January Issue

January 24, 2010 3 comments

It sure been awhile since I have uploaded some magazine scans. Special thanks to my friend Vivian (Host of Choc7 fansite) for sharing these with me. Not many pages and the photos aren’t new but Lollipop still looks stunning as usual. A brief of the interview is about their concert and individual solo activities. At the end AoQuan said they will continue to work hard for the following years.

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