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Pictures of Lollipop at FanFan’s wedding

May 8, 2011 8 comments

FanFan’s wedding was yesterday! I’ll just be posting some of the pictures the boys took up here (:


Congratulations to AhWei’s sister!

July 30, 2010 6 comments

Well, this isn’t really very much related to Lollipop. But AhWei’s sister just got engaged and I just thought that yeah we should congratulate her!

Anyway here are some pictures which the boys uploaded.


WeiLian Wretch photos update 03/31

March 31, 2010 3 comments

XiaoJie are you showing off your muscles? That’s really what came in mind when I first saw these photos. I know XiaoJie always had a bit of muscles since he break dance but since when its gotten this big? It has a really nice shape.

Enough of staring at XiaoJie’s muscles, it seem like they were celebrating Lolly’s birthday. It’s really nice to see that they celebrate for Lolly’s birthday.

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WeiLian + AoQuan Wretch photo album update 02/23, 24

February 24, 2010 3 comments

Before overloading you with heaps of photos I’ll post this one first, (the above photo) is from ZhangYunJing’s Wretch that she just uploaded it recently. She must have meet them before Lollipop’s GuangZhou concert or after because their color hair is still very colored. My two favorite artists together, too bad WangZi and XiaoJie are missing.

Okay here’s the photos from WeiLian and AoQuan Wretch photo album.

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Random photos update 01/31 updated!

January 31, 2010 8 comments

Had collected some photos when they only uploaded one or two photos which I did not post and here I am posting it all at once.

Credit HeiRen Facebook

WAHSBBT New Year episode has already been filmed and surprisingly XiaoJie will be performing. The two Jies (XiaoJie and XiaoJie from Hey Girl) + MeiMei will be performing together.  I’m sure all the fans who ships this pairing will be looking forward to it.

Some random photos uploaded by Lollipop or related artist. First two photo was from XiaoJie and AWei Facebook, third photo from ZaiZai Wretch and last three photos are from Baidu accounts.

More to come!

First three photos from MeiMei Wretch photo album and the last one, don’t know where its from.

Two more photos! First one from Fanfan’s Facebook and second one uploaded by WangZi.

WeiLian Sohu photos update 01/28

January 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Credit WeiLian Sohu Blog

The 4 Lollipop boys recently went to Japan to film a New Year TV show and WeiLian has uploaded some photos that he took while in Japan. It seem like the boys are really having their own fun too bad two members are missing otherwise it’s perfect.

WeiLian’s Wretch photo album update 12/16

December 16, 2009 1 comment

WeiLian is looking so handsome in this hairstyle, although it really looks like XiaoYu’s previous hairstyle but it suits him well. Better than his previous hairstyle with the straight cut short bangs.