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Watch Martial Spirit

January 12, 2011 1 comment

Whole Movie
Fighting Scenes

Remember the movie Martial Spirit? Yes, after almost ONE YEAR, we FINALLY can watch it! Haha it’s uploaded onto youku (and youku loads super slowly for me) so I haven’t watched it yet. Anyway, the quality of the video isn’t very good yeah, but it’s better than nothing! I haven’t found any download links yet but if anyone does find it, please let me know! Of course, when you watch it, please always bear in mind AoQuan and AhWei’s voices are dubbed ): I’d really love to watch this in HQ, especially all the fighting scenes!

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The Swordman Dream 5min40s trailer

July 1, 2010 2 comments

uploaded by sisiemoon703 @youtube

Here is the 5min40s trailer. There are some new parts in the trailer, but the scenes of WangZi are about the same. I just realised it’s going to start showing tomorrow!

CCTV6 News “Martial Spirit” 03/05

March 8, 2010 1 comment

uploaded by sisiemoon703 @ Youtube

Another video promoting “Martial Spirit” since it’s going to be showing in cinemas on the 03/12. Mostly scene that was shown on the trailer that we have seen.

“Martial Spirit” poster and photos

February 25, 2010 3 comments

Not a very attractive poster but heaps better than this one! As we have seen the new trailer some people are questioning whether AoQuan is the main lead since he wasn’t shown much but in the poster it said AoQuan, Theresa Fu and DaZhangWei are the main lead. Even AWei is only a cameo in this movie but he’s also included in the poster.

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“Martial Spirit” 2mins trailer

February 24, 2010 4 comments

uploaded by arTInGLP @ Youtube

A 2:21 minutes trailer of “Martial Spirit”, longer than the one before which was 46 seconds. The movie will be release on the 12th March in cinemas, as what I heard before its only showing in China. It’s still weird for me to see AoQuan and hear the voice which does not belongs to him. This longer trailer seem to be more interesting and I seem to be a bit more interested in this movie now after seeing this trailer.

“Martial Spirit” showing in Hong Kong got cancel 10/17

October 17, 2009 5 comments


Source from MingPao Weekly + Photo credit Woo

So practically this article is saying that “Martial Spirit” will not be shown in Hong Kong and only be available in China cinemas. Supposedly AoQuan and AWei was to arrive at Hong Kong at the end of October to promote “Martial Spirit” (That’s why they both apologized online as it got canceled) but because Gold Typhoon decided after a meeting that this movie will not suit the taste of Hong Kong citizens so it will only be shown in China. It also said that they are having issue with their budget so this might be another reason why they aren’t showing in Hong Kong.

So what does this got to do with Theresa Fu? Well apparently I’m not sure what happened but it seem that her relationship with Gold Typhoon haven’t been great and “Martial Spirit” will be her last movie before she leaves Gold Typhoon. So fans of Lollipop are saying that it might be because of Theresa that this movie was postponed in showing since she’s the main character in this movie. The article says that the movie will show start of next year, promotion will be done by AoQuan and AWei in China.

Somehow I have a bad feeling that this movie won’t be that good, I mean it’s produced by Gold Typhoon/Gold Label from past movies from them to me it’s only okay but there’s none that’s really good. And with all these rumors of low budget and stuff, I’m a bit worry.

Martial Spirit Trailer

July 10, 2009 8 comments

uploaded by mnchow99 @ Youtube

The trailer for “Martial Spirit” is finally out!!! The fighting scenes seem really good! But WTF with Ao Quan’s voice? Why did they dubbed his voice and not use his real voice? Anyways, hope the storyline of this movie is good.

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